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It is important to get the refrigeration system completely cleaned up and working correctly to prevent a re-occurrence of the breakdown


GANLEY REFRIGERATION rebuilt units are guaranteed for a period of 6 months [[ A further 12 months (-18 month total- )is available at 5% of sale price ]] The start is from the date of invoice unless otherwise arranged and covers labour and parts that in our opinion (or by arbitration) is faulty. This warranty will not be extended to compressor failure by UNSTABLE ELECTRICAL SUPPLY( including spikes, lost phase or voltage fluctuations ) or REFRIGERATION SYSTEM engineering /or maintenance (including liquid flood back, flooded starts and overheating).  The system is required to be well maintained. The warranty covers workmanship and parts supplied by Ganley Refrigeration Services (1993) Ltd only. Warranty requires the compressor is returned to our workshop freight paid within 6 (18)months from delivery of the compressor to the customer. After inspection and in our judgment the repair is at fault the compressor will be repaired free of charge providing the customer has carried out the recommended start procedure. Any work charged to us must be authorized by us in writing before being carried out. Customers account must be up to date at the claim date.


Consequential loss/cost of labour/loss of profit- liability is limited only to carrying out the repair eg Those failures in our judgment, when we examine the compressor, that are due to faults in the REFRIGERATION SYSTEM or ELECTRICAL SUPPLY and otherwise beyond our control as above.
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We stock a large supply of Refrigerant parts, if not we can source from long standing suppliers in most cases!

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We stock and sell compressor lubricating oils .

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Compressor Reconditioning. When you have determined that your refrigeration or air-conditioning system has a problem with the compressor, it may be less of a problem than you think. Reconditioned refrigerant compressors can prove to be a cost effective alternative to purchasing a new compressor with minimal down time. See our stock compressors for sale here

At this point, in order for you to determine if compressor reconditioning is for you, it is valuable to give you information on the reconditioning procedure for both open drive and semi-hermetic compressors.

When your compressor is received at Our Auckland Base;

The compressor details are recorded. pictured and it is then disassembled to completely assess the extent of damage. In the compressor the motor is removed and tested , or in the case of open drives the shaft seal is tested that it meets manufacturers specifications and/or current draw.

Compressor parts such as pistons, rods, rings and crankshafts are sized to check they meet manufacturers rigorous technical standards. Those parts that are worn or damaged are discarded and quoted for replacement. The oil which has been drained from the sump is checked for both quality and quantity and the bores are gauged and checked for damage or wear. All damage is recorded, including damage to heads and bolts, and a final quote incorporating parts and labour is drawn up for the client. Compressor spares for the most popular models are carried ex stock. Those that are not, are sourced from suppliers and a time frame for sourcing them is incorporated into the quotation.

             machining         dis-assembly       measure

All jobs are quoted and a price is faxed to the client, prior to their approval. At this time, you the client can decide whether it is in your best interest to continue with the job. If you decide not to continue only a minimal charge to cover assessment and quotation is charged for the job. In most cases it proves to be cost effective, otherwise you will be advised. A time frame for the rebuild is also advised in order to minimalise down time.

At this point a cause of failure is fairly evident, which is advised to the client to help with their re-commissioning of the rebuilt machine.

Reconditioning process:

  • Cleaning and de-greasing.
  • The disassembled compressor body is cleaned and degreased in a carefully and constantly monitored cleaning tank to remove any and all existences of dirt or foreign matter.
  • Crankcase and body reconditioning.
  • The body and its cylinders are examined and gauged to meet strict OEM specifications, honed and polished. The cylinders are strictly measured and machined to manufacturers specifications.
  • All valve plates are re-ground or replaced to meet manufacturers dimensional and operational specifications. The motor, if quoted for rewinding is rewound, varnished and tested to meet electronic specifications, ensuring quality, reliability and maximum performance.
  • Complete Rebuild.
  • Our technicians then rebuild your compressor in our specially designed assembly room, using new parts that have been quoted for replacement. Valve reeds, rings and all gaskets are replaced as standard, to ensure maximum performance. The compressor is then filled with oil.
  • Final testing under pressure ensures performance.

  • Once re-assembled the compressor is put through specialist dehydrating and run tested under load to check that it meets manufacturers strict technical standards and current draw and oil pressure. Once checked and approved, the compressor is painted and transport is arranged back to the clients address ready to be re-installed in their system. All work is covered by our 6 Month standard parts and labour warranty.


Strict adherence to OEM measurements and standards at each step ensures ' Good as new' quality and performance.

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